27 April 2005

Special Guest Performance Event with Istvan Kantor

Istvan Kantor will be the visiting, guest artist to Neutral Ground in conjunction with the PCC Regina event.
Saturday, November 5 at 8:00 pm, at Neutral Ground.

About the artist;

Istvan Kantor (aka Monty Cantsin) founder of Neoism, is a media artist / producer who has been active in the fields of media arts for more than three decades, consciously working with new technical possibilities of sound and visual presentation (performance, robotics, installation, sound, music, video, new media). Kantor's performance work explores the body as well as technology, from blood to video to physical gestures via digital sampling, breathing, computers or pneumatic machinery. He often incorporates objects in his actions such as the steam iron, coat hanger, clocks, flags, megaphone, toys, scrap metal, etc. He likes to break things and set things on fire. He uses conflicts and crisis to present his cause, often placing himself in the center of danger and uncertainty. His main subjects are the decay of technology and the struggle of the individual in a technological society. His work has been described by the media as rebellious, anti-authoritarian, intellectually assaultive, as well as technically innovative and highly experimental. Istvan's radically changing and often extreme, yet creative ambitions are always related to his living environment and social condition. Kantor lived in Budapest, Paris, Montreal, New York and is presently a resident of Toronto.

Kantor was arrested and jailed several times for his museum interventions and he is banned from the National Gallery of Canada since 1991. He also received prestigious prizes at international media art festivals in Canada, USA and Europe. He was a recipient of the Governor General's Award for Visual and Media Arts in 2004. An exhibition of his recent video and interactive robotic works was shown at the Art Gallery of York University in Toronto in 2005.

Kantor initiated Neoism in 1979 in Montreal and with the help of the international mail-art network it was spread throughout the world. By the early 80's a network of neoist research centers and embassies was set up in North America and Europe. Co-founder David Zack, correspondence artist and conceptual creator of the Monty Cantsin open-pop-star project, lived in Regina in the early 70's before meeting Kantor in 1976, in Budapest. Neoists refuse to define Neoism and therefore they do everything in the name of Neoism. They accept the fact that Neoism is a never ending accumulation of contradictory anti-theories, endless nonsense and revolutionary subvertainment.

In a Neoist view, the world is not collision of things in space, but a dissimilar row of each independent phenomena. Neoism does not conceive of the spatial as lasting in time. Since each state is irreducible, the mere act of giving it a name implies falsification. The paradox however is that epistemologies exist in Neoism, in countless numbers. There are Neoists who consider a certain pain, a green tinge of the yellow, a temperature, a certain tone the only reality. Other Neoists perceive all people having sex as the same being, and all people memorizing a line of Homer as Homer. Another group has reached the point of denying time. It reasons that the present is undefined, that the future has no reality than as present hope, that the past is no more than present memory. Yet another group has it that the history of the universe is the handwriting produced by a minor god in order to communicate with a demon; that the world is an emblem whose subscription is partly lost, and in which only that which happens every three hundredth night is true. Another believes that while we are asleep here, we are awake somewhere else, so that everyone is two.


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